Interlude Continued

Originally Published  3 August 2014:

Regina Vrs Yungala

Supreme Court – Perth

Monday, 24th October, 1881


old Postoffice - Albany

Above: Albany’s 1869 government building  which housed the Court House, Post Office and Customs Office. Yungala was committed for trial at the Supreme Court in Perth after a hearing here on September 23rd, 1881, before Resident Magistrate Rowley Crozier Loftie.

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Halfway Review

Originally Posted 12 May 1014:


Since beginning I’ve had to keep reminding myself of the motivation for taking on this project and try not to turn it into just another regurgitation of an already well-known, well-documented history. There is plenty written about Albany and the South Coast as it is and there are writers in Albany and along the South Coast offering much closer, much more vital views of the contemporary experience, which this cannot be.

So it’s probably a good time to stop for a moment, see how things are progressing and consider how to approach the remainder. What follows is a summary of the posts to date.

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Getting Started

Originally Published on Blogger – 27 March 2014


I used to live at the foot of Mount Clarence, on the beach side near to Eyre Park. Later, when I was about ten or eleven, we moved across to Mira Mar, the hill over by Lake Seppings, and I was able to look south at Mount Clarence and see it from a different perspective. When we played footy it was mostly at Centennial Oval, in the northern shadow. I went to CBC, on the town side of Mount Clarence, when that school was located on Aberdeen Street. During P.E.classes sometimes we ran cross-country around Mount Clarence’s western flank. My dad was a doctor and he used to visit the tug pilot’s house down by the old Deepwater Jetty. From there I’d look back up the steepest face of all then out to the narrow channel where the ships came in.

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