Talk About The View…




A multi-part interview set to a string of interesting questions posed by Malcolm Traill’s Tuesday Curatorial at the West Australian Museum, November 14th, 2017. Links redirect to Vimeo video pages.

  1. How and When did you get started on The View From Mount Clarence AND What are your links to Albany?
  2. Do you have another job or do you do this full-time?
  3. Were you interested in history at school or is this a more recent fascination?
  4. How do you do your research?
  5. Do you encourage contributions or is it all your own work? AND, Do you get any feedback?
  6. Are there aspects of Albany’s history that attract you more than others?
  7. Are there certain Albany authors whom you rely on for inspiration?
  8. Tell us about the Search for Ngurabirding series of posts. . .
  9. Is it a blog or a website? AND, Have you thought of alternative publishing methods?




Malcolm Traill of the West Australian Museum spoke about The View from Mount Clarence to Christine Layton on ABC Radio, 13 November, 2017.  Malcolm runs the Tuesday Curatorial, a public history program which featured an interview with me on Tuesday November 14th 2017.

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